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ECME Forum East, founded in 2020, invites members with a remit for developing early childhood music within their organisation to form a community of practice in the Eastern region of England. The Forum comprises members from music, arts and Bridge organisations, across twelve Local Authorities. The specialist early childhood music leads convene to celebrate and share experience, expertise, practice and research, with a view to exploring new pathways and perhaps developing new directions. 

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Mission statement

Members of the forum, representing music education, hubs, services and agencies, are committed to making a difference to children`s entitlement and access to lifelong music education beginning with early childhood.

The vision

To create a community of practice, a joined up regional network to foster children’s musicality from birth, through promoting the collegial reciprocal activities of discussion, critical review and reflection to inform meaningful and informed development enveloping theory-based practice.


  • Connect representatives, responsible for developing early childhood music.

  • Communicate, share and engage in reflective dialogue to develop thinking and practice.

  • Encourage the collaborative exchange of ideas, approaches and initiatives.

  • Reflect on the relationship between research and practice.

  • Signpost CPD opportunities as well as regional and (inter)national events and initiatives.

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Useful links

Cambridgeshire Music                                                                       


Central Bedfordshire                                                                          


Derbyshire Music Education Hub                                                       


Festival Bridge                                                                                    

Hertfordshire Music Service                                                              

Leicestershire Music                                                                            

Lincolnshire Music Service                                                                


Magic Acorns                                                                                      

Norfolk Music Hub                                                                                    

Northamptonshire Music & Performing Arts Trust                           


Nottingham Music Service                                                                 

Nottinghamshire Music Hub                                                               


Peterborough Music Hub                                                                               


Royal Opera House Bridge                                                                

Sinfonia Viva                                                                                       


Suffolk Artlink                                                                                      

The Mighty Creatives                                                                                                         


The Spark Arts for Children                                                                            

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